In this component of the club, members are invited to participate in programs, activities and field trips designed to teach, develop and support artistic and creative interests; members are also encouraged to submit creations to the annual NJ State Federation of Women's Club Achievement Day Contest/Chairman: Darryl Miller

Club Member Events

2018/2019 Club Year

(See Calendar for Details on Each Event)

November 6: Field Trip to Zimmerli Art Museum

November 15: David Parsons Dance Company Performance

February 1:  Valentine Card Making for Local Nursing Home Residents Click Here to Sign Up

April 13:  Field Trip to Trompe L'oeil Illustration/Lecture Presentation at Morven House & Museum, Princeton, NJ

 "Masters of Illusionfeatures the art of Gary Erbe, a renowned trompe l'oeil artist who will illustrate and explain the technique of trompe l'oeil. Trompe L'oeil means "fool the eye."  In this technique, dating back to the Greek and Roman period, artists create incredibly realistic, three dimensional optical illusions.  Visit April 13 on the Calendar for details. Click Here to Sign Up

Tuesday, April 16, 2019: Achievement Day, Somerville Elks Lodge, Bridgewater, NJ

NJ College District Convention - April 26, 2018

(Left to Right) Club Members: Kathy Deily, Mary Ann Savino,                    Diane Milgram, Phyllis Beals and Geri Krassowski